What is Life Odyssey?



Life Odyssey brings the classic experience of console JRPGs to mobile, blending the best elements of the genre with the unique features of mobile devices to evolve & elevate the genre for a new platform.


Players have full control over the development of their avatar; customizing their job/class, skills, equipment, animal companions, and personality traits. An innovative AP Regen System allows players to fight to their full potential in epic battles carefully tuned for challenge and strategy. Choices the player makes affect everything from quest progression to the personality of the avatar. Choose wisely.


Utilizing the features of modern smartphone hardware, Life Odyssey evolves a beloved genre in exciting ways. Passing by other players in real life, visiting places of interest, and racking up step count on the pedometer all correspond to in-game rewards and gameplay mechanics. Experience an evolution of RPGs only possible on mobile: the Alternate Reality RPG.



Magic exists in all things in the world of Falinheim.

All creatures in the world contribute to it’s magical makeup whether in harmony with nature, or instigators of entropy. Most beings fall mildly on one side or the other of this rule of nature, but occasionally an individual will burn brightly at one end. 

Scholars of magic have theorized that somehow the influences on either side of nature are always equal and opposite in magnitude. While this idea circulates, it’s not popular and is considered closer to a religious belief than a legitimate scholastic finding.

The truth is about to be unraveled and change the world from King to peasant, all due to an adventurer of humble origins.



Life Odyssey uses a classic JRPG turn-based battle system with a few twists:


  • Action Points (AP) are used to perform all battle skills, every unit has its own pool of AP
    • All units on the battle field start with 0 AP, both  player party & enemy party
    • At the start of each unit's turn, they will gain AP
    • The amount of AP a unit gains is unique, it can be influenced by a few factors:
      • Each Job has unique base AP Regen rate
      • Passive abilities can be learned to increase AP Regen rate
      • Active skills can be used in battle to buff/debuff a unit's AP Regen rate
      • Monsters also have their own unique AP Regen rates
      • Units can use ATTACK to do a generic base damage attack (uses 0 AP)
      • Units can use DEFEND to reduce damage taken for a turn (uses 0 AP)


  • Health Points (HP) are refilled after each battle
  • Player and Companion are revived if either died in a previous battle
  • Turn Order is determined by the Speed of the unit
    • Active skills can be used in battle to buff/debuff Speed, manipulating turn order for a period of time
  • No consumable healing items
    • No stocking up 99 of every healing item in the shop
    • If the player's avatar and companion's skills don't include a way to heal, that becomes part of the battle strategy
  • Spamming ATTACK won't win many battles
  • Monsters have skills too, and they will use them

Having AP and HP be resources that only persist during a single battle encourages the player to let loose and fully utilize everything their character and companion have at their disposal. This design also lets us create more challenge battle scenarios for the player to fight through.

Unlocking many Jobs and learning new skills will be key to overcoming the many varieties of enemy mobs.



Along your adventure, you will interact with many NPCs that will offer you new quests, befriend you, or possibly betray you.



Dialogue and narrative in Life Odyssey are almost never passive. The player will often be thrown into social situations they can talk their way out of, into, or around. Every choice in dialogue affects the development of one or more of their avatar's personality traits:




Each of these personality traits is a sliding scale from one extreme to the other. As the player make choices the traits will shift one way or the other. This gives the player freedom to experiment and play their character in many different ways. 

Having certain personality trait levels can unlock additional choices during dialogue or story scenarios. Doing so may lead to extra rewards, branching story paths, or even a battle.


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