First Trailer Ever and GDC!

I'm getting a booth at GDC Play!

That awesome part of the GDC Expo for indie devs and/or people with no budgets. In preparation for that I've cut this trailer to be entered for Best in Play, an event judged by veteran GDC organizers and Gamasutra editors to showcase the top games of GDC Play, so let's hope they don't think it sucks. :)

Things have come a long way since the last dev update, here are some things that are new:

  • Portal Gems! Acquire gems, power them with your step count to unlock...
  • Augmented Reality! Hunt for monsters in the real world using your phone's camera!
  • Battle Improvements! Animations! Damage text! Turn Order HUD!
  • Animal Companion! No more battling alone!
  • Bug Fixes! (nobody cares about this one, but me)

There's still lots of work to do and more features to add, so stay tuned for more updates.