Who Am I?

I think there may be some misconceptions or lack of information about exactly who is making Life Odyssey. Allow me to reintroduce myself.

My name is Chris Hui. I develop indie games under the name Corgi Punk.

I am the only person developing Life Odyssey.

Okay cool, but who are you?


I'm just a dude with a pug and a dream. 

Professionally, I'm a programmer and occasionally a technical artist. I started in the industry as a technical artist intern at THQ on a few early licensed Pixar console games. I worked as a programmer on social web games at EA. In the past 5 years I've been a programmer making games for mobile phones and tablets at Kabam and Mastermind Studios.

My first love is games, but a very close second has always been animation and storytelling. Oddly, the most well-known project I've had the opportunity to work on was in the animation industry, where I got to be a part of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television show crew at Lucasfilm Animation for Season 3 to 6.  I grew up on Star Wars and Indiana Jones, so it was the closest thing I think I'll ever get to living a childhood fantasy.

In terms of indie games, Life Odyssey is going to be my first publicly released game. I did win the Activision Indie Games Competition back in 2011. I also placed as a finalist in a game jam called Indie Speed Run (2012) with a game called The Garbage Collector. Those projects gave me the confidence and the resources to tackle something like Life Odyssey.

Isn't Life Odyssey kind of a big project?

Yes it is. In fact, I think it might be exactly the game that every indie developer article will tell you NOT to make by yourself. (And I would agree.) Life Odyssey is a deep story-driven RPG with location-based augmented reality on a mobile device and social online features. Each of those features in isolation is a red flag for "don't do this by yourself, you fool". Personally, I felt my background has prepared me in a fairly unique way to tackle this head on. I'm either right or I'm a fool, we'll find out!

What Next?

Life Odyssey is a product of 3-4 years of development after work, weekends, and basically any spare hour I can find. The plan is to put the game in players' hands in 2017! I hope that means launching the game, but at the very least getting beta releases out for live playtesting. Nothing has changed about the way that I'm working, except that I have a focused goal now and an audience.

Collaborators & Supporters

While I am a solo developer, I have definitely had help along the way. I want to take a moment to give the collaborators and supporters of Life Odyssey some love!

What Can You Do?

Interact with me on Twitter and Facebook! While I have tried to be good about writing dev blogs, I admit that it's not something I can afford to keep doing. My time is limited and every hour I spend writing a blog is an hour I don't spend coding, writing, or designing the game. If you want to stay updated, tweet @ me on Twitter! Comment on the Life Odyssey Facebook page! It's much easier for me to answer direct questions than it is for me to come up with concise blog topics and articles. I want to keep you up to date, but I also want to make a great game. Help me do both!