A mobile class-based RPG where real life activities affect your avatar.

Healthy Life Choices, Instant Feedback

Life Odyssey is an RPG powered by all your real-life activities.

Get a good night's sleep to boost your avatar's wisdom.

Go for a run to level up endurance and agility.

Get constant progressive feedback for your everyday activities. 

As your life feeds the game, the game feeds your life.

Everything You Do Counts

Within Life Odyssey, you get credit for all your activities in one place.  

By integrating with existing activity tracker APIs, the game adds value and meaning to the devices you already own.

Cooperative Social

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In Life Odyssey, you and your friends advance your characters by being active together.

Because you're sharing the achievements of your game avatar and not the raw metrics of your work outs, players can share their progress without fear of competitive judgment.

Game Features


Pedometer steps & physical activity in real life are translated into stamina your avatar can use for in-game actions. 

GPS proximity to other players translates to shared cooperative in-game encounters. 

Visiting GPS points of interest will result in unique in-game rewards and events.


Fully customize your fantasy avatar.

Gain experience points to level up your attributes and unlock 52 unique character classes. 

No two avatars are the same, customizable equipment and skill combinations allow players to build an avatar to represent their inner hero.


Craft dozens of new armor and weapons for each class. 

Use materials to Enchant armor and weapons. 

Hunt for edible items to feed your animal mount companion.


Take on quests from 3 career guilds to level attributes and unlock new classes of your choosing. 

Experience an epic world story from the perspective of your avatar’s guilds. Every guild gains perspective to different unique aspects of the world’s story. 

Unlock more classes to experience more story chapters.

How Do I Get It?

Life Odyssey is about living well with friends, so we'd like to invite you to experience the potential we see.

Currently supported devices:

Get your hands on our prototype demo app at: HockeyApp.

We're currently looking for others interested in helping us to bring the game we want to play to market.

The Team

Co-Founder, Unity Guru

  • Previously at Kabam, Lucasfilm, EA, and THQ

  • Graduated Computer Science at USC

  • Studied Game Design at USC GamePipe & IMD

  • Grand Prize Winner of Activision Indie Games Competition

  • Finalist of Indie Speed Run game jam

  • Ultra Street Fighter IV Tournament Competitor

Co-Founder, Backend & iOS Expert

  • Previously Technical Director at Lucasfilm

  • Post-production crew at New Line Cinema, ABC, 20th Century Fox, and Sony TV

  • Graduated in Motion Picture & Video Production at Brooks Institute

  • Corgi Punk's resident Story Writer

  • Avid Cyclist, Tree Fort Builder, and Master of Forgotten Operating Systems